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About me

My name is Javier Franco and I am the founder of “Success With Cancer“. I am married to my beautiful wife Graciela for forty years. Together we have two children. A daughter named Paola and a son Javier Emilio. We have also been blessed with three grandchildren. Our daughter has one girl named Micaela, and our son has one son named Emilio and a daughter named Jacqueline. We all live very happily in Mississauga and Burlington, Canada. The two cities are separated by a 30 minutes’ drive.

I am a food engineer. I graduated from National Agrarian University La Molina, in Lima, Peru. I also have studied marketing, sale, finance, accounting and international trade. I have held positions of management in many companies in Peru and Canada. Before “Success With Cancer“ I had my own small business “Delta International” where I was a broker on fruit and vegetables between Peru and Canada.

My first language is Spanish and my second is English. I will try with my wife to convey my ideas in English the best I can. We ask your pardon if sometimes we cannot do it correctly. But the message is there. You will understand.

About Success With Cancer

I created a company called “Be Successful“ on February 24, 2016,  at a time when I wanted to share my experiences with others in hope of helping them be successful as well. One month later I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. The situation caused me great stress and anxiety, but my faith in Jesus Christ helped me overcome fears that accompany illnesses. However, the only way to have real peace and success in life under any circumstances is to know Jesus as your personal Savior and trust only Him. (Isaiah 26:3).

Recently, I changed the name of the company to “Success With Cancer” because I considered it more appropriate.

If you have a story when you have confronted a serious sickness, a situation in life, or any difficult crisis, and you want your story to be published on this blog, only you need to send it. We will try to publish your story.

My content

I wrote many posts about the issue of international trade on my old web site Delta International that now is discontinued. I have also written several posts about positive thinking in my social media in 2015. I will be publishing these posts to share my thoughts with you, my readers.

I have a goal with my posts. It is to help people having cancer or someone related to him to live their lives in a peaceful way, living each moment the best they can, do not worry about the future and use all the tools necessaries to enjoy life until they part from this world. That day nobody knows only God. So do not worry. It could be in a week or it could be in 20 years. An important element to obtain all this is in praying. This is the most powerful force in this universe. You have to believe in God or in a superior being where they can go anytime when having a crisis.

You can contact me via my contact page in this website www.successwithcancer.ca or follow me on Facebook on my bilingual Spanish-English page “Helping people with cancer.” (Ayudar gente con cancer), and on my bilingual personal pages on Twitter and on LinkedIn. You can also send me an email to javierf@successwithcancer.ca All the best.

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