46 Giving false hopes

This conversation is a common dialogue between a cancer patient and their doctor:
Patient = How much time do I have?
Doctor = Some people like you with their conditions can live a few months, or they can live the rest of their lives well. All I can give you are statistics based on groups with your illness.
Patient = What are the statistics?

Maintaining optimism and a positive outlook helps many patients. They feel better than before, and this helps in their quality of life. Maintaining a sense of hope is good for patients and the work of doctors.

In this blog, we have indicated in our posts different ways to overcome cancer. To consider oneself as a statistic is not the way to overcome it. We can be told that we give false hope. Our main teaching is that faith in God, in treatments, in your doctors, and in oneself are the best medicines against cancer. Experiment it yourself.

Many of Dr. Bernie Siegel’s patients (he wrote the book “Love, Medicine & Miracles”) told him that they felt better because he gave them hope and put them in control of their lives. One phrase that is in the book of Dr. Carl Simonton (he wrote the book “Getting Well Again”) (this phrase was a motto for Dr. Siegel in his group “Extraordinary patients with cancer”) is “When one faces uncertainty, using hope is not a mistake.”

In statistics, everything depends on how you confront your illness. If you follow the advice given to people with cancer (many mentioned in this blog) you will be a person with cancer outside the normal. Following the advice, you can consider yourself not in a pile. Many people with cancer do nothing to feel better. They do not exercise, they do not have a diet, they do not practice relaxation or meditation, they do not practice their faith in God, and so they become depressed and have great anxiety. His quality of life decreases enormously, and this is very bad for his/her illness.

Not accepting hope is deciding to die. I hope to live. And having this hope I can and I am doing many things to feel better. This blog to help people with cancer is one of those things. You never lose hope or be guided by statistics. If ten percent is going to survive, I consider myself in that ten percent since I hope to live. And we should all think that way.

The statistics are numbers of people who survive, number of deaths, areas where cancer has incidence and things like that. Now there are statistics about thinking positive that did not exist before. So far there are no statistics of spiritual processes. And this is very important if you know the numbers of spiritual healing of patients. If one believes in the spiritual, a miracle or a spontaneous recovery is possible. Doctor Simonton said that he always worked in that miracles could happen in spite of the patient did not believe in the beginning.

You are not nor will you be a statistic if you follow the advice of the books mentioned in this post. And also practice the posts on this blog. God be with you always.

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