16 Self-talk and Cancer

The Collins English Dictionary defines self-talk as the act of practicing talking, either aloud or silently or mentally: positive or negative sentences. Many times when these thoughts come to our mind, they are on autopilot. They control our mind totally, and we do not realize this situation.

These thoughts can boost our productivity or can be emotionally crippling. They are “inner monologues in which you provide opinions and evaluations on what are you doing as you’re doing it.” (1) It says that “Using the third person can help you step back and think more objectively.” (2)

I will state some negative thoughts people with cancer could say. Then I will write a positive thought that the same person has to say himself to feel better and in a good mood. Here are:

– I am confused with the existed amounts of treatments for my cancer. I do not know what decision to take.
– I have to research with patience all the possible treatments that exist. Then I will decide to speak with my doctors.

– I will die soon. My family will be alone. Who will take care of them?
– When I die, God only knows. My doctors do not have the last decision. It is God’s decision.

– I cannot do it. It is too much for me.
– I can do it. With God, nothing will be impossible for me.

– I cannot teach me to practice positive thinking.
– Positive thinking can help me a lot with my cancer. I will try to do it.

– This cancer has destroyed my life.
– (I give my answer. You may do your answer) This cancer has been a blessing for me. I live each day the best I can now. I enjoy my time with my wife and family and my small dog Sofie. Each day I write posts helping other people, a goal I had many years ago. My faith in God has increased immensely. I spend a great time of my day praying and giving thanks to God for all His blessings to my family and me.

I have explained a good way to practice positive self-talk. Do not forget that this, your conversation, will improve your self-esteem greatly. Start doing positive self-talk now, and you will enjoy all the benefits. Share your experiences, and you will help people struggling now with cancer. I wish you all the best.