8 How to manage your thoughts and emotions with cancer

Wellspring is a Canadian institution that helps people with cancer. I am very grateful for everything that this organization has helped me since my diagnosis. One of the best programs that are given here is called Healing Journey that consists of five levels. Today I will summarize and copy some sentences from the topic “How to handle your thoughts and emotions with cancer” in level 2 of Healing Journey.

To better understand this post, please search “Online Resources for the Healing Journey / Wellspring” in your browser. Next, click on Healing Journey level 2: Skills for Healing and download the level 2 book. Now you can read in Session 6 pages 47 to 49 of the book (online 53-55).

This topic indicates that the management of our minds is of vital importance and by not being able to change the disease; we can change our reaction to it. We need five steps to guide our thoughts and emotions. These are:

1) The first step is to know what are the thoughts and emotions that a person is experiencing. To better manage this step, it is advisable to write down the ideas.

2) We have to express these thoughts and emotions. If you read the pages indicated above, you will learn six ways to do this action.

3) Many positive thinking book writers recommend this third step, but not many people believe in them. It’s very simple. You have to say positive affirmations to yourself every moment and every day. By doing this, you will replace your negative thoughts by repeating the positive ones. Dr. A. Cunningham (author of Healing Journey) adds that this positive thinking technique has been used for thousands of years by people who want to help themselves. Here you will read some examples of how to replace negative thoughts with positives.

4) In this step, it is suggested that you create a list of positive thoughts to use them. You will have to repeat at any time during your day these positive thoughts when a negative thought comes to your mind.

5) This last step recommends that when you are more aware of your thoughts and emotions, you can use this method in other challenges you have. The example here says that when you think, “I cannot give myself time to do these exercises,” you can change that thought.

Wellspring gives these courses of Healing Journey to anyone with cancer and their caregivers. The courses are free, and Wellspring gets its income from donations from companies and individuals. I encourage you to download this Healing Journey program from Wellspring.

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