7 Important recommendations for people with cancer

www.cancerconnection.ca is a Canadian forum where you can go and read the experiences of many people with cancer. The discussions are divided into many topics. One of the best topics for me is the Emotional Rolling Coaster. You will enjoy it.

You can also research the discussions in words. I chose the words “positive thinking” and got a post from an author with the nickname Roll-On where he comments on recommendations for people with cancer. He got them from a psychiatrist and said that this helped him a lot. Seeing a psychiatrist in any crisis of life is completely normal. I have practiced these same recommendations with good results.

The recommendations are:
Sleep well. With this, you can calmly face any circumstance in your day. Your mind and body will be relaxed and will react positively at any time.
Nutrition. An important point often neglected. Anyone needs the energy, given by good food, to do their daily tasks. This is critical for a person with cancer. You can search the Health Canada Services for the Food Guide. There the right quantities of fruits and vegetables, meat and alternatives, grain products, milk and alternatives, water, oil and fats that we should eat and take are mentioned.
Physical activity. This is important for anyone but immensely important for people with cancer. You have to do the following exercises: cardiovascular, lifting, stretching and walking. It is recommended to do at least 30 minutes a day. Doing physical activity will help a lot in your daily mood, something that we must be careful to feel healthy in our walk with cancer.
Positive thoughts. I have written some posts on this point here and will write more in the future. It really is the central point of this blog. This began many centuries ago and all the people who practice it have had excellent results. Read my posts about this.
To have definite goals. This is a necessary step to achieve everything in life. As Roll-On said that if you have the goal of going to a gym, you should write the goals you want to get by doing this. These can be the amount of weight loss you want, how much time each day you will exercise, how much lifting you will do and others. Look for techniques to set goals in Google and apply them.

These recommendations are very important for people with cancer. Try to practice them. In future posts, I will give you more recommendations.

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