50 Your cancer is in the past. Now live the present as best as you can

The most important ingredient to heal you is a positive attitude. You have to believe that God loves you and puts you totally in His hands.

Your cancer is already controlled. The nightmare is over. Now live the present as best you can. If you had new cancer, confront it like the first one. There are people with several cancers living every day without thinking about the past. They have followed this policy.

This advice was given to me by a specialist doctor, and it has done me a lot of good.

During two years after my surgery, my radiation and my anti-hormonal therapy, I used my imagination a lot. I told myself that my white cells destroyed my cancer cells. Now I tell myself that my white cells protect and take care of my organs and cells of my body. I no longer use the word destroys because I consider myself healed.

This approach changes your attitude about how to deal with cancer. This method brings you more peace and serenity in your life. I recommend doing this after your treatments.

What were the phrases I said during those two years when I went for a walk with my dog Sofy? These phrases are not created by me; they are recommended by doctors specialized in how to fight cancer. I only did the first one. The phrases are:

– My God, I feel your divine mercy, your divine love and your divine divinity circulating in my body. I feel it in my organs, muscles, bones, tissues, lymph nodes, nerves, arteries, veins and in all the cells of my body. They are healing, blessing, and renewing all my cells. Thank you.

– I feel (imagining) white cells that fall from my head to my whole body. The cells surround the cancer cells and destroy them. The dead cells leave my body through my kidney, liver and my pores.

– I see (imagining) knights on white horses with strong swords taking and killing cancer cells from my body. No cancer cell remains.

– I see (imagining) my two most beloved puppies, circulating through my veins and devouring cancer cells. No cancer cell remains.

After two years, with my cancer being undetectable, I changed my strategy as I mentioned before. In this stage, I now say the phrases but not destroying the cancer cells. I say the same but to protect, care for, heal, bless and renew my cells — a different approach.

We must always live in the present only and not think about the past.

In the first stage I repeated when I finished, and now I repeat when I finish the same following sentences “all the cells in my body are healthy, totally new, working perfectly, and with a beautiful color, thanks to God.”

It all comes down to how I started this post. The most important ingredient to cure you is a positive attitude. You have to believe that God loves you and puts you totally in His hands.