41 Return of cancer

The return of cancer is a possibility in each of those who have this disease. To rule out this danger, all cancer patients undergo check-ups every so often. If cancer returns, this does not mean imminent death. We must be prepared psychologically to face this eventuality.

Many patients have a terrible fear that cancer will return. They can practice all the techniques taught on our website www.successwithcancer.ca by viewing my blog. If they see that their fear is uncontrollable, they can seek the help of a professional. And do not forget to pray as we also indicate in the blog.

Like all diseases, cancer can also have highs and lows. The healing of it is not in a straight line upwards. We must be prepared and have enough energy to overcome these circumstances. To have this energy is very important.

Just as the first diagnosis produced anxiety, the return also produces anxiety. But if we are prepared, after a few days or weeks we will be again with the calmer mind to investigate the best treatment as we did the first time. Always think that anxiety is something temporary and momentary.

The best way to be prepared if the cancer return is to have a strategy for it. You can think about your first diagnosis and after that everything that calmed you down. Think of each of the steps you followed and gave you peace of mind. Check the readings that you did and gave you strength. Check the prayers that you pronounced and that calmed your mind. Have all this written and in order.

For me, cancer was a blessing as I commented in my post “Why my cancer is a blessing?” You can see this in my bilingual website at https://successwithcancer.ca/my-experience-mi-experiencia/28-porque-mi-cancer-es-una-bendicion/. If it returns, my strategy would be that I have been blessed one more time. Now with the accumulated experience, I could help in the best way for people with cancer. With it, I would redouble my efforts. And this is my goal for my blog.

In the end, we must accept that someday we will leave this world. This death can be today, tomorrow, next year or in 20 years or more. Thinking about this reality, anxiety about cancer or the return of cancer, should not distress us. Many of our family and friends have already died. We must enjoy every day as best as we can. God be with you.

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