40 Healing the body, mind, and spirit to overcome cancer
With Dr. Rob Rutledge and Timothy Walker

Dr. Rob Rutledge, MD and Timothy Walker, Ph.D. are the authors of the renowned book “Healing Circle.” The book includes stories and teachings of all their meetings held on weekends helping people with cancer. These meetings are called “Skills for Healing.” The book consists of four sections that are: empowering the body, settling the mind, reframing distressing thoughts, and reclaiming our wholeness.

This book is gold powder for all people who have cancer. Its edition is only in English. It will help you a lot. Read it soon.

Both persons manage The Healing and Cancer Foundation. Their website is www.healingandcancer.org. You can go to it, and you will find valuable material at no cost to help you with cancer.

Their philosophy is that the best way to help people with cancer is on three fronts. These are the body, the mind, and the spirit. Many doctors only see the part of the body but neglect the mind and the spiritual part of the patient. They have been helping on these three fronts for more than 20 years.

You will see in his book and on his web page teachings on these three fronts. In the part of the body, you will realize tips on how important it is to know the best of your possible treatments and possible doctors. There is also the utmost importance of exercise and diet.

In mind, you will comprehend the value of meditation and how to meditate. The important point here is always to practice it to make it easier to do it over time. This topic of meditation is very well explained in the book and on the website. There you will also see how to reframe anxious thoughts. The thoughts are what provoke our emotions. If we have negative thoughts, we will have negative emotions. This method, very well explained in the book, teaches us how to change these thoughts. It is a nice method and easy to practice.

In the spirit part, there is a chapter to practice the meditation called The Bowl of Loving Kindness. The meditation is a powerful one. You will also see how not to let bitterness enter your spirit and how to accept emotions with kindness and knowledge.

I have only indicated ten percent of what you will find in the book and on the website. Some videos and readings are very important to you.

Much of my blog contains posts about what Dr. Rob Rutledge and Timothy Walker have taught. Of course, they have a great experience of many years. My experience is only two years. Do not stop reading what they teach. It will be a great help.

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