19 Imaging, prayer and cancer

Is imaging important to practice for cancer patients? Is important to pray if you have cancer? What will happen if you unite imaging with prayer? We will give the examples of two persons that appeared in two excellent books about these themes.

The first book with the title “Positive Imaging” was written by Norman Vincent Peale. In the introduction, he says that the entire book is about Marcos 11: 24 that says “Everything you ask in prayer, believe you have received, and it will be yours.”

On it, he mentions a person called Harry DeCamp who had bladder inoperable cancer. Mr. Peale writes that someone sent this person a card with a sentence of the bible of Matthew 19: 26. The sentence says “With God all things are possible.” This sentence stuck him. Then he read a magazine with two stories. One story is about a person with fatal wounds who recover with mental pictures seeing him healthy.

The other story by a person living with cancer who said that total believing and total faith were the keys to answered prayers. With these stories, he started to visualize his healing process, instructed by his doctor, with armies of white blood cells falling from his shoulders, attacking the cancer cells and destroying them. He imagined the white cells devouring the cancer cells. He also kept the same with his chemotherapy. Six months later in a checkup, his cancer was gone. What was responsible for the recovery? Modern doctors will say both.

The other book called “Getting Well Again” was written by Carl Simonton and Stephanie Matthews-Simonton. Here they explain their conviction that imaging is a powerful tool that cancer patients should use.

In his book, Dr. Simonton writes about his first patient with throat cancer in 1971. He said that this person had less than 5 percent chance that he would survive five years. Dr. Simonton outlined a program of relaxation and mental imagery for him. He was told to relax three times during his day, each time for 15 minutes. Then in a pleasurable way, he has to imagine its cancer in the most vivid form as it could be. Then the patient had to picture his radiation as millions of tiny bullets of energy that would hit all the cells, both normal and cancerous. Since cancer cells were weaker and confused would not survive. Only normal cells would survive.

Then the most important step. Dr. Simonton asked the patient to form a mental picture of his body’s white blood cells swarming over the cancer cells, picking up and carrying off the dead and dying ones. Then imagine his body will flush these cells out of it through his liver and kidney. After doing this exercise, he had to continue with his normal activities of his day. Cancer progressively disappeared.

Two stories about imaging with the same result. The imagination is more important than we think. Cancer completely disappeared. If you apply to the imaging the most powerful force in the universe, prayer, as in the story of Norman Vincent Peale, the results will be completed satisfactorily, without any doubt. You only have to believe in the words of Jesus in Marcos 11: 24 “Everything you ask in prayer, believe you have received, and it will be yours.” God Bless you.

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