12 How to decrease the stress

Persons must control their stress. It is not good for their health. We know that persons who do not control the stress are exposed to critical situations. Persons with cancer should do their best to dominate their stress. Specialists say that uncontrolled stress is very harmful.

There are persons who when they are diagnosed with cancer, they become controlled by stress and do not do anything to avoid it. There are others that immediately confront their sickness and research the advice for them practicing it. In both cases, the factor of difference is how stress impacts a person.

Many methods help you control the stress. Some are yoga, meditation, relaxation, imagination, and others. Today I will talk about relaxation.

The main problems with these methods are that when a person is practicing them, the mind starts going to other thoughts. This situation impedes to get the best results from the method. We have to avoid these perturbing thoughts, although it is not easy.

I recommend a method of relaxation that the main goal of it is to finish the distraction of the mind. I have practiced it since many years ago with good results. But I also had to overcome the distractions. As always in life, the secret is in practicing it daily.

Laying in your bed with your sight to the ceiling repeat these sentences:
– Right (left) “heavy” arm (repeat seven times)(first right then left)
– Right (left) “heavy” leg (repeat seven times)(first right then left)
– I’m completely calm (when your thought starts going around repeat these sentences three times)
– Quiet and deep breathing (repeat this at the end stretching your arms and legs)

You start with the right arm, then the left arm, then the right leg and finish with the left leg. You have to change the right to left and from arm to leg when you feel that extremity heavy. If you change before this, the method fails.

When you succeed with the “heavy” extremities, you can pass to the “warm” extremities and repeat the same steps. As before you should feel each extremity “warm.” Do not proceed, because the method fails.

Try to practice this relaxation each day until you feel the good results. You should practice it immediately when your level of stress is high. I would like to know your comments with this method. If you do not practice it daily, you will not have good results. Enjoy it.

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