11 Brave or Coward

Could a person with cancer be defined as brave or coward? Since emotions flow through their mind, this person cannot think in a clear way. In some persons, the emotions are so strong that he/she could be considered to be in a panic state. This event normally happens at the moment they know have cancer. Sometimes this panic state takes more time. It depends on each person.

If they confront their sickness valiantly, that is meritorious. If not, we have to help those persons given them strategies to overcome their fears. I have mentioned before that they are many places where to get help. You can look for information on Cancer societies, Cancer forums, research information in hospitals, visit or consult about Wellspring and many others. You have to look for them.

Some people will say, it is easy to speak but very hard to do with the moods that come with cancer. This sentence is true. But how we can overcome the moods? My best advice is starting to practice positive thinking if you do not practice it. There are many books about that. One book I have recommended before is The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale.

It is important to live one day at a time; or better, one moment at a time. If you need to cry, you can do it. It will help you. The side effects of treatments, in the majority of cases, disappear with time. They are hard for some people. My second advice is to have trust in God and His mercy. And pray without ceasing.

Now you can check my website www.successwithcancer.ca. Here I am publishing articles about cancer and positive thinking. I am a person with prostate cancer. Practicing positive thinking with God’s help, I have kept my moods controlled. You can also do the same.

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