1 Old Pard 

This famous poem is from one of the books by Norman Vincent Peale who wrote the well-known book “The Power of Positive Thinking” and was the founder of the organization “Guidepost” in New York many years ago. This poem has impacted my person in wonderful ways, and I repeat it when I am in good times, and in bad times. When I repeat it, I feel full of enthusiasm and energy and then positively continue my day. Try to memorize it and repeat it and you will feel the same way. Treat it. Do not postpone it. The Old Leopard poem is:

It is the tenacity that will make you triumph someday, do not tire, old leopard! Keep firm;
It is so easy to give up.
It is to continue with the chin up which is difficult.
It’s easy to shout that you’re beaten … and die.
It is easy to walk like a crab and crawl.
But fight and fight when hope does not show itself…
That’s the best fight of all!
And to think that you will resist every strenuous attack,
All broken, all defeated, bleeding.
Try one more time;
It is deathly easy to die.
It is to continue living what is difficult.

One of the powerful phrases is:
“But fight and fight when hope does not show itself…
That’s the best fight of all!”

And this happens to everyone in any situation that we are. Now I want to apply it to a point about cancer: Many times with cancer we feel defeated, and we say “I cannot anymore. This is enough. This is enough.“ The phrase in the previous paragraph helps a lot in these moments.

It is highly recommended that a person with cancer not abandon their goals in their life and continue trying to obtain them despite their illness. This poem helps that person to keep looking for his goals, regardless of how he feels.

Helping yourself in everything is very important. In addition to medical treatments that exist, a person with cancer should look for help with relaxation, meditation, exercise, diet, try to sleep well and have a weight appropriate to their build. When doing relaxation and meditation, you must use your imagination to feel better. This poem helps to use the imagination for that purpose. I wish you all the best.

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