20 How to be a Positive Person (2)

This post is similar to the post called “How to be a positive person (1)” written before with the addition of seven more positive sentences. You have to apply in these new sentences the same advice I gave you in “How to be a positive person.” For this reason, I am rewriting the post.

We all have heard this universal truth, “If you want to accomplish something in life, you have to practice, practice and practice.” This experience has happened with famous musicians, painters, artists, singers and so on. The positive thinker has to follow this universal truth to become one. So start to practice and practice.

Many years ago, I started making a list of sentences that improved my moods. Each sentence I heard or read I copied it immediately in a small book. Later I classified these sentences and did two lists of 20 sentences each one. Then I reclassify them, and the new list only had 28 sentences. These I will share with you. If you like them, you can practice them. If not, you can discard some or all and make your list. The objective is to have positive sentences to practice. Yours or mine no matter.

With my list or your list, you have to do the following:
– Memorize the sentences. Copy them on a small paper and keep it handy to read them when you need to do it.
– Use them at any moment of your day. Make it a habit.
– If you feel anxiety or depression, use them asap.
– If you do not have good results, have patience. Continue practicing. Never quit. As always, some days you will fail. Do not worry.
– Pray that God gives you strength to continue when you are discouraged. When your mind is overflowing with these thoughts, you have won the battle.

If your depression and anxiety persist, you have to look for a specialist. There is nothing bad looking for one. It is completely normal to ask for help. Do not be afraid.

My first seven sentences are the following:
1) I get into my mind the obsessions that humble, and with God’s help, I am going to succeed in life. No power in this universe can make me fail. NVP
2) Positive thoughts with God’s help will give me such power that I can do what I want to do. NVP
3) I may be mature, and yet my greatest accomplishments may come in the sunset of my life. NVP
4) God had not given us a spirit of timidity but a spirit of power, love, and self-discipline. 2 Tim 1:7
5) I feel that God is inviting me to “get out of the boat” in starting to write about Him right now. He is assuring me that it is ok to fail. With failing, I am learning. With failing, I am getting my goal. From the Bible
6) I am not a failure if I do not make it….I am a success because I tried. Unknown
7) I formulate and stamp indelibly on my mind a mental picture of myself as succeeding. I hold this picture tenaciously. I never permit it to fade. My mind will seek to develop this picture. I never think of myself as failing; I never doubt the reality of this mental image. So I always picture “success” with God’s help no matter how bad things seem to be going at the moment. NVP

The new seven positive sentences are:
8) A failure is never a person; it is only an event. A person who sets a goal, makes a plan, takes action, evaluate results, amends his/her plan, learns from his/her mistakes and continues to his/her goal never fails. (NVP)
9) Jesus Crist has mercy on me miserable sinner. Make haste to help me. Rescue me and save me. Let your Will be done in my life.
10) Oh my God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.
11) The enthusiasm of a salesperson based on sincere faith that their goods or services meet people’s needs to the maximum effectiveness is the kind of enthusiasm that necessarily triumphs. (NVP)
12) By envisioning and imagining good things and worthy results, I bring noble influences into my life, both within myself and in the world around me.
13) If I do not think and act like a winner, I cannot perform as a winner.
14) Jesus, Mary and Joseph (JMJ), I love you, save souls.

(NVP stands for a famous writer of positive thinking. His name is Norman Vincent Peale) (Some sentences are of unknown authors)

I consider myself a positive person. This feature has helped me in many circumstances in life. I practice daily my positive thinking with my cancer with good results. You can do the same. Follow my advice. In other posts, I will show more of my positive sentences. I wish you all the best. Share your experiences so you will help other people.

BONUS: Practice them when walking. You will have a great improve and enjoy a lot.