9 Do you want peace with cancer? Follow my advice

When your doctor tells you that you have cancer, many things come to mind. Many times your peace in your daily life disappears. This situation brings anxiety, depression, sleepless nights and problems in the family and many other things. These problems come in different intensities depending on each person. You could say that your peace in your life is difficult to find. My advice comes from people in the same circumstances and my own experience.

Everything is in your mind. We’ve heard it a thousand times. But with chronic diseases and especially with cancer this phrase is very important. Now there are many ways to educate your mind to have a positive attitude. An important way is:

– Read the Bible and learn the passages of Jesus speaking of faith and peace. Some are Matthew 6: 33-34; 9:29; 17:20; 18:20 and 19:26. Others are in Mark 9:23 and 11: 22-24. You can continue reading and get more passages.

– As you learn them write all in a small paper. Keep this paper in your pocket and check it when you do not remember a passage.

– Then repeat these passages daily and mainly every moment of your day when your mood is low. Here is the secret. By doing this, your mind will prevent any negative thoughts from entering you.

– In addition to the passages of the Bible, you can learn any phrase you read or hear that improves your mood. Apply the same steps mentioned above, and that’s it. Very easy. The only price to pay is to practice the method.

These sequences of points have been practiced for centuries by many people to help themselves. Try to do it and give me your comments. I will be more than happy to help you with your positive thinking and with your way of facing your cancer.

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