2 How to be calm with any medical test result?

This anxiety situation happens to any person when they receive a medical result of a serious illness. Since cancer patients have to do different tests several times a year to find out how the cancer is going, these patients require help to calm down at those times.

I will indicate a prayer that helps me a lot in these difficult moments. The important thing is that you have to believe in a higher being or God to be able to help you. This requisite is very important. The superior being can be what you want that gives you peace and tranquility.

Of course, there are other methods you can apply to calm your mind and relax before receiving your results. Each person has to analyze and test which one is more convenient for themselves. This one I propose is a simple prayer. Repeat it as many times as you think is convenient. Trust in God or in any higher power that gives you peace and calm.

Before entering the doctor’s room, say these phrases:

“My God, You love me. Everything that happens today is a gift from you. You always want the best for me. If the result is very bad, bad, good or very good, it is Your Will. Let me always cultivate an attitude of gratitude, recognizing that everything you give me is a gift from you. ”

If you are going to talk to the doctor having this precious thought, you will leave with a positive attitude. This prayer has helped me in my medical results since March 2016. That day I was diagnosed with cancer. Try this advice yourself and try the advantages of it.

In my blog, some posts speak of prayers and of believing in God or a superior being. I know it’s important to have faith to pray. Faith will help you incredibly in this fight against your cancer. If you do not have it, ask faith to whom you pray. You will be amazed at the results.

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