5 My First Post

I wrote my first post about Positive Thinking on April 21, 2015. I published it on a blog I had at that time. I discontinued it later when I retired that year. Again I want to publish my first post because the ideas I had at that time are the same as today.

Reading this post and reading some of my post at www.successwithcancer.ca you will see that my philosophy is the same. Think positively; repeat the sentences until you learn them; and personalize them.

The only point that is different is that now I have cancer. The title of this post was “Positive Thoughts” and I will copy the same that I wrote.

Here is my first post:

Positive thoughts

My website will consist of positive thought posts that I direct to all the people in the world wishing to change his mind from negative thinking to positive thinking.

I will publish articles about many experiences in the life of other persons and of myself. Positive thoughts with God’s help will give you so much power that you can do everything you want in life.

The basic principle to have in mind when reading this kind of articles is to practice, practice and practice the main thoughts you read. One way to do it memorizes the sentences in a way that you have them in your heart. Customize each sentence to you.

I look forward to hearing from you about experiences you have had applying these techniques. You and I will work together on this path to happiness and peace.

If you want more information see my bilingual website www.successwithcancer.ca Any questions write to me at javierf@successwithcancer.ca