45 Different cancer treatments

There are three treatments for cancer. The first is the conventional that includes surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. The second is called complementary. As the name implies, it complements the conventional one. This method helps reduce the side effects of the first. The third method is the alternative. This method is not proven to cure cancer although some patients say that these treatments have cured them.

The complementary method includes the variety of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual techniques that benefit the patient in their journey of cancer. Among them, we have relaxation, imagination, visualization, nutrition, exercise, yoga, acupuncture, emotional and spiritual help, praying, writing a diary among others.

In the alternative method, we have the Gerson, intravenous vitamins in high doses, laetrile, macrobiotic diets, Essiac tea, detoxification, immunomodulation, among many others. You can go to https://hope4cancer.com and there you will find what this institution offers.

Alternative medicine includes methods that patients use instead of conventional ones. Some of these methods are potentially dangerous. It is best to use these methods when there is no longer a conventional method that can help the patient.

The use of alternative forms causes great confusion in patients and oncologists. Almost all of them require large patient expenses. Its use may cause the patient to refrain from using a proven treatment that saves his life.

There are doctors and members of the health system who indicate that the conventional ones do not cure the patient. This information causes more confusion in patients.

I have used surgery, radiation and androgen suppression as conventional methods. I have also used and continue using relaxation, imagination, visualization, a little nutrition, exercise, emotional and spiritual help, I pray a lot, and I have my diary as complementary methods. After using all this, I feel very well. My cancer is now undetectable for 15 months. I have not used alternative methods.

One method that improves my spirit is writing to help people with cancer. Since I started this blog, my goal has been to give tranquility and serenity to them. I wish they all get the peace that comes from having faith in God. For me, it has been a long road since I was diagnosed thirty months ago.

When I see a cancer patient with tranquility and serenity, I say to myself; I would like everyone to have that tranquility and serenity.

I hope this post will help you analyze the three types of treatment and choose through analyses which are the best for you.

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