4 We feel comfortable where we are in the world when we feel comfortable with who we are

I will start by showing some examples of people that most people will say they are happy. That is the case of the richest man in the world who has many worries thinking that he can be kidnapped for his money, his business demands a lot of effort and causes him stressful situations every day. He cannot take a vacation because he thinks someone can steal from him. Or the president of the largest country in the world who has very difficult times because many people speak ill of him and are always looking for things to criticize him severely. Or the most famous Hollywood artist who is always busy reading scripts, learning, rehearsing and acting that he/she does not have a break and time for his family. In many cases, since there are exceptions if these people would live in peace with God, trying not to think of money as the only goal in their lives and helping their neighbors would live a happy life.

If you when you were young you wanted to have a happy family, a job that you enjoy and earn enough money to live honestly, you would be a happy person. Everything depends if you are happy with what you have. For example, a big house or a small house or no house, if that situation makes you happy, you are happy. If you live alone and enjoy your bachelor status, you will also be happy. Happiness does not depend on riches, power or positions because happiness is a state of mind.

We have seen in history many suicides of people who were very rich, who had power or who had excellent positions in life. This circumstance shows that what many people think produces happiness is not really. Happiness is a mental state. It can be achieved at any stage of life, young or adult or the elderly. Our teaching of positive thinking in our blog is directed to you. A positive mind is a state of mind that allows you to get peace and be a happy person.

The truth is: We feel comfortable with where we are in the world when we feel comfortable with who we are.

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