28 Why is my Cancer a blessing?

Some time ago in a seminar followed at Wellspring, a society that helps people with cancer, I mentioned that my cancer had been a blessing to me. Those who heard me looked at me like a weirdo including the instructor.

And I said it without any doubt.

Reading in these days a book “The Healing Journey” written by Dr. O. Carl Simonton and Reid Henson I found that I was not the only one who said that. There I read on page 159 that Mr. Henson (a patient with cancer of Dr. Simonton) wrote about cancer as a blessing to him.

I had not heard or read anything like that since I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in March 2016, two years ago.

I will copy exactly part of the sentences. Here you will see that cancer can be a blessing depending on how you confront it. Here it is:

Dear Friend, most people find it shocking when I say that I now see cancer as a blessing because it was the key stimulus that moved me closer to God. I see cancer, as well as all other adversity in my life, as a precious gift from God helping me to better understand my role in life about him. Since God created everything there is, He could surely create new cells in my body.”

Why my cancer has been a blessing? The reasons are:
– My faith in God has increased prominently. And with it the happiness that comes when you have faith in God.
– My marriage has been consolidated more than it was. I spend more time with my wife than before. We pray every day thanking God for His blessings.
– The union with my children and my grandchildren has been strengthened. Our communication is fluid.
– I dedicate more time to my little dog Sofy now than I did before. I take her out for a walk every day, and I enjoy seeing her happy.
– I am writing helping people with cancer sharing my experiences. I have my blog, and I write on social media. These acts are a dream comes true that I had it a long time ago and I could not do it.

All these reasons have made me a more accomplished person. Although I was not far from God before being diagnosed, this new situation has brought me closer to God as it happened to Mr. Reid Henson. It can also happen to you. Think about your current circumstances and you. Look at your cancer as a blessing. My blog is trying to help you in this direction. God bless you.

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