26 TOTO BOND 777

In 2016, two great friends of mine passed away. This post that I put on my blog is to remember them. In that year I was also diagnosed with cancer. A similar post I published in my social media in December 2016, but this one has now been modified.

In that year I had the intention of writing in a blog, but I did not concrete this idea despite having written different posts before. When I wrote before it was about international trade that was my job as a broker. Another topic I wrote was about positive thinking, a subject that until now I’m passionate about, even though some people do not believe in it.

Being a person with cancer, I decided of writing about cancer helping other people. This idea was born because being a positive person I felt motivated to write about it.

The title of this post Toto bond 777 came to my mind since one of my deceased friends was my great cousin and best friend of 60 years ago. He called me with a lot of affection, “Toto bond 777.” Toto was because since I was a kid, I could not pronounce “Coca-Cola” because of the weakness of my mouth’s muscles and I said, “Totatola.” Later my friends in Peru also told me, “Toto” That’s the diminutive. And bond 777 because he thought I was very smart. You should remember the famous artist James Bond 777. Of course, he said it, laughing and jokingly.

The name of my cousin was Jose Carlos Manrique Arguelles, and we said to him of affection, “Kala.” Well, my cousin was the nicest and joyful person I’ve ever met. Completely joker and when he talked and said his jokes he laughed with laughter and had us all in his pocket, knowing it. As I said, my cousin left for a better life in 2016. And it caused a lot of pain. His departure was a strong blow. Rest in peace.

That year another friend also passed away. His name was Eduardo Valdez. Very intelligent, a great mathematician, simple person, stubborn in his ideas but loved by many who knew him. He helped me a lot when I came to this great country, Canada, in 1988. He moved to Peru years ago and returned to take advantage of the Canadian health system because he had cancer of the tongue. I had the great privilege of accompanying him for the last four months of his life. Two days before he died my wife Chela and I talked to him about Trump. Being an intelligent person saw how Trump acted and he was the one who first told me, “Each country has the president it deserves.” Great truth.

These two friends have left a great void in my life. God is so merciful and so good that I am sure he will allow us in the future to meet and talk as we always did.

When I wrote a similar post in 2016, I ended up asking for help from those who read me. The same questions I ask now. Give yourself a little time and answer them, please. These are: “How often do you want my messages? Every two days, weekly. How many words do you want my messages to have? They can be from 400 to 1000 words. Thanks for the answers.

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