25 My Post Number Twenty-Five

Twenty-five is a number to commemorate. Many married couples celebrate with great pomp their twenty-five years of marriage that are called silver weddings. I particularly want to celebrate my post # 25 trying to help people with cancer. It has been an arduous road with stones in the road but thanks to God I am today writing my post # 25. Before starting to write these posts I had never written or published anything.

If you have read my website or my social media (Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn), you will have read how this idea began. It’s very simple in February 2016 I started a bilingual company “Be Successful” (Triunfa) with the idea of sharing my experiences with others and helping them succeed. A month later I was diagnosed with cancer to the prostate, and this disturbed me a lot. My faith in Jesus and his Mother helped me overcome this state. Then I change the name of the company to “Success With Cancer” (Exito con Cancer) because I thought it was a better name.

In June 2016 I had my surgery with prostate removal. In February and March 2017 they gave me radiation and then they gave me a hormone to control cancer. I have tests every six months that evaluate me as I am going. Since a year ago I started writing my posts and publishing them on my social media. In July 2017 my bilingual website “Success With Cancer” began.

But this has not been easy to write. I have spent moments of discouragement seeing the few comments on my website and in my social media. I was wondering: will I be helping and if it would be worth continuing?

I recently did a small market study about the types of publications on the internet for people with cancer. I found good things and not very good ones. There are many posts about God’s help for people with cancer although some indicate that this does not help. On positive thinking, one point I am a strong believer in difficult times, some comments say that it causes more harm than relief. This situation I have to analyze and refocus.

As I indicated at the beginning and as the title of my bilingual Facebook page says, “Help People with Cancer” (Ayudar gente con Cancer) (look for in Facebook with the latter), I want to help. Someone asked me how you do if you have the same problem. The answer is that some time ago I live every day as if it were my last day and I thank Jesus and his Mother when it ends each day. I write with this philosophy, and I try to transmit it to all those who read my posts.

Now whether they read or do not read what I write is something that does not bother me. I am very happy because I know that by doing these posts, I am working for God who gives me every day what I need. I am paying just a little bit of everything He has given me since He brought me to this world. A phrase that has accompanied me for 40 years is in Philippians 4:13 and says, “All things I can do thanks to Christ who strengthens me.” I recommend that you learn it and repeat it, and your life will change. God bless you. I wish you all the best.

If you want more information see my bilingual website www.successwithcancer.ca. Any questions write to me at javierf@successwithcancer.ca