22 Helping you and helping others

Dr. Alastair J. Cunningham in his book “The Healing Journey Overcoming the Crisis of Cancer” he writes the following, “An ambition to help others with the insight we gain through work on ourselves can also be a strong motivator.” He refers to self-help with cancer and helping others. All his experience and teachings are about self-help.

People that give their lives trying to do the life of other people happier, healthier, and with less suffering are happy themselves for this actions. Jesus repeated many times in the Bible, “Love your neighbour as you love yourself.” Jesus knew that you doing it you would have a joyful life.

With cancer, you can share many of your treatments, your feelings, your thoughts, your moods, your medications, your researchers to help other people in your same situation. Doing this actions, you will concentrate on your positive thoughts and no your negative thoughts. You will in some way given to others advice that they can apply to themselves. Doing this help, you will feel positive for this good actions.

Until now I know two persons that have in social media information about their experiences with cancer. One is Joel Nowak with his website www.CancerABCs.org, and very humbly I say that the other person I am. My website is www.successwithcancer.ca now ready. You also can see my bilingual page on Facebook called “Helping people with cancer.” (Look for in Spanish as “Ayudar gente con cancer.” Also, you can see my pages on LinkedIn and Twitter.

If you know somebody that has cancer and is sharing his/her experiences trying to help other people, please write to my email javierf@successwithcancer.ca with the information. You will be helping many other people with cancer and me to publish that information.

As a conclusion, if you have cancer you can read this post carefully, try to share your different experiences I mentioned here, and doing this good action, you will be helping yourself with your sickness. I wish all the best. God bless you.