35 Mindfulness Meditation

The meditation “Mindfulness” is the human capacity to be present, aware of where we are and what we are doing, and not overwhelmed by what happens around us. Some of the most difficult elements of the cancer experience are suitable for this meditation. In recent years, more people have recognized the “Mindfulness” training as a way to decrease stress and improve the psychological functioning of cancer patients.

One of the benefits of practicing “Mindfulness” is that it can promote healing, both physically and emotionally.

It is done by inhaling gently to fill your abdomen with air. Then exhale until the abdomen is flat. Take your attention to your body when you inhale and exhale. Feel the air passing through your nose and feel the rise of your abdomen. You can do these four or five times. Feel happy, content and enjoy that moment.

The mind will tend to digress in things thinking about the past and imagining the future. Each time this happens, bring your mind to the present moment by doing the inhalations and exhalations.

Being aware of the way you breathe is one of the most important parts of meditation. Take regular, slow and deep breaths helping to calm your body and your mind. This type of breathing helps lower blood pressure and helps reduce the stress.

It is a very smart technique used for all types of diseases. When practiced frequently, a person reaches deep relaxation. It is better if you practice it every day.

When we practice it, we often learn to appreciate ourselves at that moment. And in this one moment is where you can have love, faith, and peace in you. Your negative thoughts and your disturbing emotions change with meditation.

You can search for Mindfulness in google, and you will find very good information and how to practice it. In short, it is to live moment to moment at the most without any concern. Put all your attention in the present moment. Remain happy, content and enjoying that moment.

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