32 How to heal internally?

This meditation is called “Inner Healer” meaning internally healing. It is a technique used by some doctors in the treatment of cancer.

Dr. Martin L. Rossman in his book “Fighting Cancer from Within” writes on pages 74-80 about meeting your inner healer. Book published in 2003. Dr. Alastair J. Cunningham in his books of levels 2 and 3 of “The Healing Journey” writes in his pages 103 – 104 of level 3 in detail about the internal healer. This book was published in 2002. Dr. O. Carl Simonton in his book “Getting Well Again” writes in chapter 11 about the relationship between relaxation and mental images to fight cancer. This book is of the year 1978. He also writes of the internal healer.

You can read this method online. Go to the Wellspring.ca website. Search for the course “Healing Journey Level 3”. Download the book and look for the pages online 71 -72. In the book, they are different and correspond to pages 103-104. You have to read these pages carefully to get the most out of them.

Everything is about relaxation and imagination. The guidelines are:
– Relax deeply
– Imagine entering the jungle.
– Get to a clearing, and there you will find a guide animal. Talk to this animal noticing your feelings towards him.
– This animal will guide you to another clearing where there is a house where the internal healer lives.
– Touch the door, and the healer will appear. The healer can be a wise senior person, a religious figure, a ball of light or any other symbol.
– You can have a dialogue with this figure, asking for information and help. Record the answers and advice he/she/it gives you. In the end, you end up thanking him.
– The guide animal will return you to your first clearing. Then you follow your path alone.

At first, it may be that nothing happens. Do not despair in the first attempts. Continue your work patiently.

As indicated at the beginning this technique is recommended by three renowned doctors specialized in the cure of cancer.

I have done very well with this technique. Others have also reported good results. My guide animal was my dog Sofy, and my figure was the Virgin Mary. I am Catholic. You choose what seems most convenient to you. It is good that you make a diary of all your encounters with your internal healer and you can reread them every so often. God bless you. I wish you all the best.

You do not lose anything if you treat it. You can be healed if you practice it with faith.

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