21 Your faith your life your money and you
Unknown author

I am at the age when life is no longer a project. I have lived more than I lack.

The years have passed, and the traces left in the physical space of my body and my soul are tangible and real. Today I have to make a greater effort to look better.

Slavery has taken care of my face and body; constantly remind me that my tears and my laughter have not been in vain, that every reed and every wrinkle have their story. I have lived a lot, I have laughed a lot, and I have cried a lot.

However, in spite of this, I consider that the great change that the years contributed to my life has occurred in my soul.

The years taught me to prioritize, to reconcile with love, to thank the gift of friendship and to strengthen my spirituality.

Today I confess that a kiss of my son, the smile of my grandchildren, or a family celebration, produce more lights in my life than the most dazzling constellation of stars.

The years that have passed have also shown me that my friends have been beings of light that have illuminated my path sometime and in some place, regardless of time and distance.

That my faith has become persistent and tolerant.

I have assumed responsibility for my spirituality, without fanaticism, or obsessions. My faith has helped me to accept what I cannot understand, change, and help to strengthen my tolerance toward the beliefs of others.

The years have passed, and the reality of my life has been changing. Although my physical body is aging, my soul is rejuvenating, and today I feel younger than when I was young. I do not fear life and my time of insecurity and running after life is past. I have walked enough to understand that I cannot live by appearances because if I do I stop living what is essential for my soul.

After so many years I understood that true love is real, that its presence in my life has been the product of all the love and virtues emanated by those who have passed through my life, giving me all the best they could and what they had. I also understood that I should only be grateful to have had the privilege of having my friends chosen me as a companion of the soul, in its route to life.

Finally, I live my reality day by day, understanding that it is time to assume the experiences and that no matter what happens with my physical body, the current circumstances of my life are centered on what happens to the youth of my soul.

How difficult is the human being, being born does not ask, living does not know and dying does not want. !!!!!!!

They say that the last three wishes of Alexander the Great, finding himself on the verge of death, summoned his generals and communicated his last three wishes:
1 – That his coffin was carried on shoulders and transported by the best doctors of the time
2 – That the treasures which he had conquered (silver, gold, precious stones), were scattered along the way to his grave, and
3 – Let his hands be swaying in the air, outside the coffin, and in plain view.

One of his generals, astonished by such unusual desires, asked Alejandro what his reasons were. Alejandro explained:
1 – I want the most eminent doctors to charge my coffin to show that they do not have, before death, the power to heal.
2 – I want the ground to be covered by my treasures so that everyone can see that the material goods conquered here remain.
3 – I want my hands to sway in the wind so that people can see that we came with empty hands and with empty hands we leave when we finished the most valuable treasure that is the time.

When dying nothing material, you take. “THE TIME” is the most valuable treasure we have because it is limited. We can produce more money, but no more time. When we dedicate time to a person, we are giving a portion of our life that we can never recover, our time is our life.

THE BEST GIFT you can give to someone is your time and ALWAYS gives it to the family or a good friend.

May God fill you with blessings.

Take the time to send this message at least to someone in your family or a good friend. Of COURSE … WHEN YOU HAVE TIME !!!!