48 trust god in things you cannot control. just relax. god is in control. I have a complete faith that God is working

I just returned from a trip to Peru my country visiting my family. the main reason for the trip was that my mother in law is 96 years old. she is in good health and with normal memory ailments at his age.

All travel brings expenses, and this already had me worried before the trip. as we live on a pension, unforeseen expenses are what worry me the most. they are out of the budget, and this reduces our reserves.

I woke up one day with my left foot. I began to worry about all the expenses we have without knowing how to stop. It was an uncontrollable worry. It had been a long time since my mind acted in this way. It was a concern for money without stopping. As I discussed everything with my wife Chela, then came a moment that she told me, “Where is your faith? Stop writing positive thoughts.” Her voice made me react.

I went into my apartment, and the first thing I did was picking up my bible and read Matthew 6: 33-34. Those phrases of Jesus calmed me down a lot. This bible has parallel to the text comments to understand better. Reading the comments, there I found in yellow some sentences that I had previously underlined. Since I saw the color, I remembered them. These are, “Trust God in things you cannot control. Relax. God is in control. I have a complete faith that God is at work.”

Then I remembered that these phrases are in my 28 positive thoughts that I have written in my blog www.successwithcancer.ca. These 28 thoughts are in 4 posts that can be seen in the Positive Thoughts category. The titles are: How to be a Positive Person (1), (2), (3) and (4). This sentence is in the (2) with the number 14.

With cancer, I sometimes forget to repeat my sentences. When I do not repeat, it causes setbacks in my positivism. I repeated them every day when I walked. I was doing very well. Of course, I will start repeating my sentences.

These phrases, “Trust God in things you cannot control. Relax. God is in control. I have a complete faith that God is at work,” are powerful. When I underlined them in yellow in the bible and repeated them thinking on them, they did me feel good. I recommend them without any doubt.

This story happened to me a few days ago. Since I started repeating them, my concern for money has decreased. I do not have that anxiety anymore. I also decided to post them for the benefit of those who read my posts.

These phrases you can apply to any worry or anxiety you have. GOD IS IN CONTROL of everything that happens to you whatever it is.

And here I include any disease and of course cancer. Therefore, relax and trust God in things you cannot control. He is always working for you. I wish you all the best.

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