34 When our security is threatened

Most of my posts so far have talked about security in this life. We wrote about, positive thoughts, the Bible and its verses, millionaires or thoughts to solve problems. Having some success and some peace in life is good. But we have not written about how to act when our security is threatened whether in health, economically or near death situations. This situation happens to anyone in their life, and when it happens, a big hole opens up under them, and they slide into it.

I mention this since I read a book called Arise from Darkness written by Father Benedict J. Groeschel. There I read the chapter with the same title as this post.

He says a truth that happens to all of us. Since we are young, we are pushed to succeed in life to earn a large amount of money thinking that money, and when more is better, will make us happier in this life. We do not think about others; we do not think about our health and our death. But when our security in money is in danger, when our health is very weak, and when we face death we fall like a house of cards.

Other situations happen to us when we are facing cancer treatment with little chance of success, in the death of a child or family member, in a stroke, in a heart attack, in a divorce, in a loss of work and similar dramatic situations.

Father Groeschel in a clear way says that when Jesus was on earth, He never had any security. He states that the only security he had was his love and faith in his Father. With this, he overcame all the difficult problems he had. And he writes that we should have the same love and faith in God when we are challenged with any obstacle as mentioned before. Without it, we are going to slide into that hole as many people do in this life.

To act in this way, you have to have faith. If you do not have faith, you can ask God by following on https://successwithcancer.ca/es/helpful-prayers-oraciones-que-ayudan/33-two-blank-checks-for-you/ It’s not difficult. You have to ask him. It is that simple.

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