3 Everything happens for the good of those who love God

As I said earlier, I was diagnosed with cancer in March 2016. I am a great believer in prayer and the love and mercy of God. Reading a book in Spanish about how to be successful in life after my diagnosis, I found some powerful phrases that allowed me to create a beautiful prayer with them.

This prayer is: “Everything happens for the good of those who love God. God knows everything. Nothing happens without Him allowing it. If He has allowed it, He knows why. He could not have allowed it to happen. If He has allowed it to be, He also has a plan in our favor. He loves us; He does everything for our good. He loves us; He does nothing for our evil.”

This prayer has helped me to be in great peace and enjoy life despite my circumstances. It also allows me to help people with cancer. I repeat it when a negative thought about cancer comes to my mind. Without any doubt, I think God sent me this powerful prayer.

Reading also a book I learned that cancer is the meaning of love. This sickness happens to the person to change the way he is living. For me now cancer is a great blessing. I live every day to my maximum potential like never before.

I also learned how to practice relaxation, imagination, and meditation to live each day as the best day of my life. Whatever stress you have, applying these techniques, the stress will be reduced to almost zero. Stress is not good at all with illness and especially with cancer.

You have to read the sentence slowly trying to understand the meaning of each phrase. Then, memorize it and repeat it many times, mainly when your daily mood is fluctuating. Do not be discouraged. Ask for help from God. Soon you will enjoy the good results. They are fabulous.

Take advantage of all this treasure, and you will be happy, and you will enjoy your life every moment.

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