29 Pray each day for your cancer

You have to feel this prayer in every word. Do not only repeat it. Use your faith and your imagination when you say it. If you do not have faith or it is weak, ask God give you faith or strengthened it. The prayer is:

“Oh my God, let me live today as if it were the best day of my life. In any moment I worry about the past or the future. Do not leave me alone today, I beg you. This day I begin it by praying your psalm 118: 24 that says ‘This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad on it.’ Help me to repeat this psalm many times today. Let me not forget that prayer is the most powerful force in the world. I pray to you this day in every moment for the healing of my cancer and cancer of all those who have it. Praying I must use my imagination so that You destroy and disappear all the cells of the cancers.

Be my guide in any decision I make today. Take care of my moods; positively keep me. Allow me to practice with you my positive thoughts. Guide me to learn all about my treatments and thus seek the best help at all times. If there is a pain, let me remember your suffering on the cross. Help me today to practice my physical exercises, be careful with my food, practice relaxation with meditation and treat everyone kindly. Let me repeat your phrase in Philippians 4:13 ‘All things I can do thanks to Christ who strengthens me.’

At the end of today, I thank you for this day you have given me. I put my health and the health and well-being of my family in your hands. Oh God, thank you for everything you will give me today. ”

Print this prayer and have it with you every day. Repeat thinking about the depth it contains. I assure you, you will feel another. God bless you.

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