15 Prayers in the early morning

Why is so important to be careful about your thoughts in the early morning? Do you know that you can modify your thoughts repeating positive sentences? Your thoughts in these moments will influence all your day. You will always have two options. Modify your thoughts or not. If you decide not to do it, you will have your current thoughts. If you decide to do it, Heaven is your limit.

I will present five sentences and paragraphs that I practice many years ago with excellent results. One is a psalm, there are three of unknown authors, and the other is of Norman Vincent Peale. The first three I repeat them taking my bath. The fourth I repeat walking my dog. The last, I said it after walking my dog. As I said before, these sentences help me. They can also help you. You can change them for sentences that touch you more. The main point is to have sentences to repeat in the early morning.

Prayer is the most powerful force in the world. The five sentences refer to God. It is very important to believe in God whoever you think he is. In any crisis in life, you can go to him for help. And who has not had a crisis in his/her life?

My five sentences are below. They are very powerful. Please do not discard them so easily.

1.- “This is the day that the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118: 24

2.- “This is the best day of my life, thanks to God.” Unknown

3.- “This is a terrific day, thanks to God.” Unknown

4.- “Dear Lord, thank you for the night’s rest you gave me. I am grateful for the renewed energy and enthusiasm it has brought. Accept my gratitude for bringing me to the beginning of this new day. I accept it as a precious gift from you. May I use it minute by minute to do your will. Guide me in every problem I face, every decision I make this day. Help me to treat everyone kindly, fairly and thoughtfully. If I should forget you during this day, please do not forget me. Amen.” NVP

5.- “Oh my God let me remember today and always that all is happening is a gift from you. Let me cultivate an “attitude of gratitude” recognizing that all is a gift from you.” Unknown

I have these sentences in my memory. I repeat them slowly thinking about its meaning each day. You have to do the same to get the best results. Share with me the results you have. Write to javierf@successwithcancer.ca with your comments. Good luck.