10 A Prayer to God

We define sickness as a particular disease or disorder. There are terminal and no terminal sicknesses. What is true is that any sickness brings anxiety and depression to people. What is also true is that exist many people have been cured through prayer.

Among these cured sicknesses, we have cancer, alcoholism, addictions, and many others. Today I am going to write about how I quit smoking two packages of cigarettes per day. This story is about my personal experience. Before I lied, but some years ago, I decided not to lie anymore. Hope you trust me. As always, you have the option to believe it or not.

As any hard smoker, I had these problems:
– To start and to end my day with a cigarette sometimes with the risk of falling asleep smoking producing a fire.
– My nervous system was suffering a lot.
– All my shirts had holes due to the ashes of the cigarettes.
– I was in continuous bronchitis.
– I had to have a special budget for this vice.

I started to smoke at 16 years old and quit forever at 28 years old. This event happened around 42 years ago. With two packages per day, I would not be today writing this post. I would be history. Sometimes, I quit for a year and thought that to smoke five cigarettes per day was not a problem. I started smoking, and the second day I was again in two packages. I tried candies and also failed. It was a terrible nightmare during years for me. I now understand the alcoholics and drug addicts.

Well, how come here the power of prayer. Prayer is the most powerful force in the world. One day, although at that time my faith was weak, I decided to write a letter to God begging Him to help me to quit smoking. I beg Him in the entire letter. I keep reading this prayer for weeks mainly when the temptation of smoking was attacking me. One day, I discovered that I had conquered the vice. That day I was very thankful to God for this miracle in my life. I count this victory as one of the greatest victories of my life.

Some can say it is a vice; it is not a terminal sickness. The importance is that God is always ready to help you if you ask Him with faith, without any bit of doubt.

You can do the same as I did. The last word is not of the doctor; the last word is of God. Any sickness you have now, pick up a paper and a pen and start to write a prayer asking God to cure you. Keep reading the prayer many times per day. Never doubt. Trust in the mercy of God. God loves you. Never will He hurt you. Always accept His will. Share your experiences for the good of others.

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