You are not alone

When I was diagnosed with cancer, I felt overwhelmed. There was no moment in my day that this idea of cancer went out from my mind. I was depressed and very anxious.  I could not concentrate on anything. In this condition, I could not work. I thought I would have economic problems. Sometimes I thought, this is a bad dream, but it was real. I needed help. Where should I go?

These following thoughts could come to your mind:

Who will take care of my spouse and children?

How can I think clearly with all these incredible thoughts in my mind?

Where can I go for help?

How I calm myself?

Where can I get a mentor to help me?

Why these come to me?

I am afraid of dying.

If something similar is happening with you, you are not alone. Many people have the same thoughts in your circumstances. Ask for help. They are people who can help you now. You do not need to feel anxious, worry, frustrated, desperate, depressed and very negative to confront your future. You do not need to have these feelings. The posts in my blog will help you. Do not be discouraged. There are people ready to help you. You need to look for them.

What happened after my diagnoses?

My positive thinking attitude, learned many years ago, helped me to confront my cancer diagnoses on March 2016. I felt overwhelmed after I heard my urologist said the word “cancer” Although I was prepared in case it was a bad thing, it disturbed me considerably. But I use my practice of living the present moment, and this gave me calm.

I will present in my blog posts how to I overcome the majority of these situations mention before. I have read many books about positive thinking and now I practice daily many techniques that give me peace and let me be calm in almost every situation in life. I will explain all of them in my posts.

These experiences come from trials in almost my entire life. I have learned to use faith as a way to solve any problem in life. I use the teachings of Jesus Crist that are in the Bible. It is important to believe in a superior being in life where you can go in moments of crisis.

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in March 2016.  I had surgery in June 2016, radiation in February 2017 and started hormone therapy in March 2017. Thanks to practicing what I learned before, I keep my life in a stable calm, always thinking positive whatever happened in any test result and thanking God each instant for what everything He gives me each moment of my day.

Which is my goal for you?

I try to help persons with cancer, their caregivers, their families, and their friends to live each moment of their day with peace and calm. My goal is to support them in these areas:

To be calm in difficult moments

To relax and meditate

To participate in organizations that help people with cancer

To forget the past and the tomorrow.

To pray: “the most powerful force in this universe”

To research to know the best treatments for them.


You can also reap the benefits. Now, I want to share my knowledge and experiences with my readers. I am completely sure that if you read my posts thinking, reflecting, and practicing them, you will also reap the same benefits I have obtained.

Start now and have faith. You can subscribe to my posts where you will learn tasks how you can help yourself. In addition, there are several lists of thoughts and positive sentences that have changed the lives of many persons since several centuries ago. Start now to read them. Subscribe below to my posts here.

My posts will help you in your cancer journey.

One important point is that you practice daily what you are reading. Here is the secret to overcome your moods and to live a peaceful life enjoying each moment. Trust me. This has happened with many people, with me and will happen to you if you practice them. That is the only price you have to pay.

The thoughts I will share are chosen from many books I have read during my life. They are positive thoughts that will change your life completely, with God’s help. Without His help, we will not obtain anything in life. You can consider God any superior being. This will give meaning to your life. It is important to believe in that superior being, whoever you think he is.

Any religion practiced faithfully has the essence of love, faith, and hope.

A company called Be Successful was created first. Later I change the name to because I considered it more appropriate.

This country accepts immigrants from many parts of the world and they can practice their religion in Canada without any restriction. I believe in this policy and I will practice the same.



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